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Udaipur has become so popular as a Wedding Destination that while planning a wedding in your own Hometown, a thought of hosting wedding in Udaipur may cross your mind.
Lately we have been receiving atleast 25 inquiries a week with a very typical scenario and we thought a special blog to confront with the information would make sense.

Below is what your own typical requirement may look like

1. You are expecting 200 plus guests, may be 300-350.
2. You know Udaipur for the top notch Palace venues like Jagmandir Island Palace, City Palace, Leela, Udai Vilas and even Taj Lake Palace.
3. You visualize a traditional wedding itinerary over 2-4 days period with loads of smaller and larger events.
4. You have a budget of 50 to 60 lakh and in all honesty you believe you can rock the world if you spend this money (which is quite a sum actually) if you host wedding in your own home town.
5. Your only motive of looking at Udaipur is to aim at Palatial locations. You know there are tons of modern 5* Hotels and Resorts back at Home so this is not what you want.
Let us start by dealing with the possible Palatial options by giving you an insight of all the Palace venues in reference to your requirement.

Jagmandir Island Palace (HRH Group)

Yes that is the floating Palace in the center of Lake but do not confuse it with Taj Lake Palace Hotel. Jagmandir is primarily a Venue only for celebrations and only has couple of Rooms to be used during events. Its the most magnificent option of all.
It has 3 sections – the main courtyard, kunwarpada lawns and the main lawns at the back.
Access : Guests are transported to Venue by Boats arranged by HRH from their Jetty which is reached by Road, in case you are staying at Leela/Udai Vilas or The Trident, the Boats could pick you from Hotel’s Jetty which is more convenient.
Capacity : Its a huge venue and could take up even 1500 guests combining 3 sections but challenge is to transport that number to and from by Boats.
Cost : Expect to pay Rs. 20 lakh for first 100 guests and Rs. 9000 per person beyond that. This is to cover the meals and very basic decor, transport of guests by Boats and some frills like Welcome, a cultural dance show etc.
Limitation : HRH has few more venues like Zenana Mahal & Manek Chowk (the main City Palace Courtyard) which they would want you to take up besides Jagmandir. You will have to use atleast one more Venue may be for hosting Pre Wedding event and dinner and yes it is indeed equally costlier.
The plus : You may plan to stay any Hotel of your choice and use HRH venues independently subject to condition above.
Tips : You will also have to factor in Lights, sound and floral decor apart from spending on the basic Package. This could be anything!

The Leela, Udaipur

Built up lately from scratch but quiet Palatial and grand, it sits right on Lake Pichola with 79 Rooms & Suites.
Capacity : The most beautiful location which is the Pool side deck and attached Lawns as you see above in picture could hold 150-170 guests comfortably on higher side.  Guava Lawns the other venues by the lake is beautiful and fit for pre-wedding events. Again could fit 150-170 guests conveniently. They have a Ballroom mostly used to host casual event/Dinner and after party.
Limitation : To be able to use the main venues you need to take up ALL Rooms and Suites generally. There could be a bit of relaxation if dates are not really busy during April to September.
Cost : Rooms start from Rs. 40000 per night while during April-Sept this may be 40 to 50% discounted. Meals range from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6500 per person.
The plus : Taking up entire Leela, you are actually preparing for a very luxurious wedding.
Tips : In case the budget permits, you may like to take up Leela for stay and still have events at other locations.

Oberoi Udai Vilas

Udai Vilas has won the title of “Best Hotel in the World” and has recently positioned itself as a Resort. Snobbish for weddings ones upon a time and now welcome the premium weddings with both arms open! It has total 89 Rooms & Suites.
It is indeed very upscale and beautiful and therefore it comes with a price tag too. There are several outdoor venues like The Four Court, Main Pool side and Kartikeya Lawns. There are couple of smaller banquet halls to host lunches and after parties.

Capacity : The outdoor spaces are sufficient to cater to 350 guests, the indoor spaces are smaller.
Limitation : To be able to use the main venues you need to take up ALL Rooms and Suites generally. There could be a bit of relaxation if dates are not really busy during April to September. With minimum 50 Rooms you may still have access to limited venues but its not worth it.
Cost : Rooms start from Rs. 45000 per night while during April-Sept this may be 40 to 50% discounted. Meals range from Rs. 3500 to Rs. 6500 per person.
The plus : You are hosting a Wedding at the best Hotel in the world. Expect sophistication and grandeur all around. If the budget fits in, this is the only Luxurious option to have all 200 + guests under one roof and also have all events hosted in the premise.
Tips : Its better to aim taking all the Rooms an venues to enjoy the privacy of Udai Vilas.

Fort Fatehgarh

Fort Fatehgarh (Fateh collection) is an independent fort structure which was also built from scratch but has pulled attention from admirers of “minimal and classy”. It has total 48 Rooms & Suites. The venues include Main pool side and courtyard, inner courtyrad and 2 other terraces.
Capacity : Its fit for a maximum gathering of 150-160 guests conveniently with a round table arrangement.
Tips : Fort Fatehgarh has another smaller Hotel nearby which also has 48 Rooms and open lawns and combining the 2 Hotels might be a workaround.

Chunda Palace

Chunda Palace is more of a heritage style Mansion than a Palace. You will fall in love if you appreciate Art a lot for others its overwhelming. They have 46 Rooms & Suites and 3 different outdoor locations.
Capacity : Its fit for a maximum gathering of 150-160 guests conveniently with a round table arrangement.

The Trident

The Trident in Udaipur was probably never built to cater to Weddings and that too large sized ones. They have a big lush Lawn as an outdoor venue but a pretty small Ballroom for any other events. With more than 140 Rooms it can certainly take up 300 plus guests but it does get a beating in terms of variety of outdoor venues.
Capacity : Fit to have 300 plus guests under one Roof but you would be repeating the venue for most of your events.
Cost : Rooms start from Rs. 13000 per night and meals range from Rs. 1800 to Rs. 3000 on an average.
Limitation : You have to take a minimum of 100 Rooms to be able to access the venues

Ananta Resort

Ask me to describe Ananta Resort in one line and I would say “Bali in Udaipur”. As seen in picture it has a Balinese style of setting (without the Sea) and feel is completely of a Resort. With 180 Rooms and number of outdoor and Indoor locations its one of suitable fit for your size of gathering and may come closer to budget.
Capacity : Fit to have large weddings and there are abundant venues.
Cost : Rooms start from Rs. 12000 per night and meals range from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 2000 on an average. They do offer an all meals inclusive packages also.
Limitation : It doesn’t feel Udaipur but yes its pretty much in Udaipur. If you are happy hosting Wedding at a Resort aloof from town and focus more on having everyone staying at same place this could be a go for you. The Cottages are sprawled all over a hilltop and commuting to and from Venues/Restaurants/facilities is a big challenge. Resort is still struggling to find a optimum solution.
Tips : Must visit personally to experience the Resort and check around venues to evaluate it for the wedding.

Ramada Resort

A modern Resort with a nice sprawled lawn and a Pool side venues offering 72 Rooms & Suites.
Capacity : Fit to have 300 plus guests at the Lawns venue & the Terrace but you might be repeating the venue for most of your events. The ballroom is good enough for an after party. There are two other very small Halls.
Cost : Rooms start from Rs. 10000 per night and meals range from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2200 on an average.
Limitation : You have to look for another Hotel in vicinity for half of guests. Again this is a modern Resort and does not have typical Udaipur feeling that you might be expecting while visualizing the Palatial venues.
Verdict : With a mix of budget Hotels and taking up entire Ramada you have a chance of fitting in stay, meals and may be some more essential services. You would still need an extra pocket for the decor/setup. If you plan the wedding during April-September probably you might even cover a lot in the target budget.

There could be few more combinations to somehow make a space for 300 guests spread over 2-3 Hotels and looking for independent locations for wedding. We are not covering those options because as per the original subject, your idea of even looking at Udaipur could just be the beautiful Palaces.
The post does not intend to discourage you from thinking of Udaipur for the Wedding but should help you in expectation management before you have taken a step ahead mentally.
Feel free to get in touch with us for more information and inquiries!

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