One can’t imagine Indian Wedding without dance, every ceremony involves dancing. From sangeet to mehendi, to the wedding, to reception, an Indian wedding is all about dancing! Traditionally, ‘dance’ has been an expression of celebration in Indian weddings.

Today, the concept of performing at a wedding has been taken to a different level altogether. From self/ impromptu choreographing of dance numbers, people have gone on to hiring professional wedding choreographers and taking classes.

The cool part, however, is that besides a trained performance at the functions, these wedding choreography classes also provide a platform to learn a new form of art.

People hire professionals because they want to learn a particular style of dance, it could be salsa, hip hop, bollywood (very famous one for weddings) or even belly dancing (another upcoming form).

Earlier, families used to dance randomly on functions but now there is a want for a well choreographed dance performance, a professional teacher, who has the correct knowledge. People hire professionals well in advance so that they can perfect their moves.

Hiring a choreographer is the best for non-dancers, people who do not have knowledge about any dance form, they can learn and flaunt it.