Wedding Activities

Add more fun to your Mehndi/ Sangeet/ Wedding functions

Every wedding should be an affair to remember. Well, this is what we at Wedlock Services truly believe! It should be fun and have your signature style in it. No, it does not mean that everything has to be expensive or over the top. You can just include few simple and fun things during your wedding ceremonies to make it a little hatke from the others.

And no, you need not be a billionaire or a millionaire to implement these ideas. In fact, these ideas are pocket-friendly and can be opted by any one. So, all those who want to add little fun and masti to their wedding, here are some exciting ideas, which will surely leave your guest pleased.

Fun Photo Booth

IMG_2047.JPG  cookie-boolani-wedding1  photo-boooth-backdrop-1

Photos are exciting and memorable. So, set up a photo booth at your wedding. This will give your photos an amazing background and as well as give you some amazing candid pictures. You can also add to the booth, some more unique props, like huge goggles, Vintage scooter, sign boards, etc. to up the level of quirk.


 Mehndi artistIndian wedding celebrations include a number of pre wedding functions such as mehndi night. We help you in organizing all your pre-wedding functions and celebrations so that you don’t miss out on the smallest of details. We bring to your mehndi night unique themes, incredible décor, delectable food and loads of entertainment. Our professional approach ensures unparalleled results and maximum value for your money.

Churi walaChuri Wala

The vibrant colours, materials (glass, ceramic, etc.) and designs of Indian bangles attract women, and bangle markets become a hotspot during wedding season. It’s become a trend to keep bangle stalls or decorative bangle baskets at mehendi functions.

Tattoo your guests

What is a better way to make your guests remember your wedding for a really long time than tattoos? Don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about the permanent ones. Just some simple, romantic and personalised temporary tattoos can do the trick. Fun Ideas for Events